Top Hair Regrowth Product

Hair Regrowth is Not an Overnight Process

Hair is an important biomaterial, and a defining characteristic in mammals. We call growth on some insects and other species “hair,” but it’s not the same protein as human hair. Hair grows everywhere on the body except for the glabrous skin found on the hands, bottom of the feet, and lips.

Hair provides warmth and protection so when it falls out and doesn’t regrow humans experience a psyche change that impacts the perception of self. Hair loss creates stress, inhibitions, and cellular changes that affect the internal system. Most hair loss sufferers look for a top hair regrowth product when the normal hair growth cycle changes, but very few find the relief they need.

The ability to identify the top hair regrowth product takes research and a little knowledge about the hair growth cycle. Hair loss is natural regardless of the texture of the hair. Curly hair grows the same way that straight hair grows, which is in three stages. Those three stages can be interrupted by hormone activity. Testosterone plays an essential role in hair cycle and so does its by-product, dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT can cause hair follicles to go from one growth state to another without cause, and that increases hair loss. The top hair regrowth product must contain ingredients that have the ability to block DHT production. If DHT is present in the follicles it attaches itself to androgen receptors in the scalp and the hair cycle changes automatically.

When testosterone is converted into DHT by the enzyme, 5 Alpha-Reductase, the three stage growing cycle is altered and the temples and crown of the head began to show excessive hair loss. There is a preprogrammed genetic reason for this chemical conversion, but a top hair regrowth product should be able to release natural chemicals into the body to prevent this radical conversion.

Internal and External Ingredients Can Change The Hair Cycle

The genetic cause for excessive hair loss is being studied by various groups around the world. There is one top regrowth product that combines natural ingredients into a proven formula that gets the hair growth cycle back on track. Procerin is a non-prescription internal as well as external formula that blocks DHT productions so the follicles function in the normal growth cycle.

Procerin combines zinc, saw palmetto, vitamin B-6, magnesium, and other essential natural ingredients into a tablet, which can be taken daily. Procerin is also available in a topical foam that compliments the tablets. The foam removes the oil and dirt that accumulates around the follicle opening. This combination has been called the top hair regrowth product because it works on men of all ages.

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