Hair Regrowth Products For Men

Twenty-five Percent of Men in Their Twenties Experience Hair Loss

Hair loss is not about stress. It’s not about the fact that you wore your hair in a pony-tail in the wild years, or you wore a baseball cap non-stop through puberty. A nutrient deficiency is not the culprit, and it has nothing to do with heavy sweating or excess sebum on the scalp. Some hair regrowth products for men may list them as reasons, but that’s antiquated thinking at its finest.

Male pattern hair loss is actually called Androgenetic Alopecia by the medical pros, and half the men over fifty experience it every morning when they run a comb through their remaining hair. The condition is the result of hormonal changes in the body and a genetic predisposition, which is passed from one generation to another.

The hair follicles are actually programmed to respond to hormonal changes in the scalp. Effective hair regrowth products for men are designed to stimulate growth as hormone levels change in the body.

There are new hair regrowth products for men show up on store shelves all the time, and a great deal of money is spent marketing these products as the best hair regrowth product ever, but the only thing that counts is the ingredients. The marketing hype stimulates impulse buying, but when it comes to hair loss, pertinent information about regrowth ingredients is essential.

If Hair Is Still Growing It Can Get Thicker

Once the scalp hits that point of no return, which is when the head looks like a polished sheet of ice, there’s not much any ingredient can do to stimulate follicle activity. Transplants do help some men with receding hair lines and crown baldness, but that horseshoe shaped design is a challenge for any hair regrowth product for men.

If hair is still growing, a hair loss regime should be established. The regime begins with identifying the cause and type of hair loss, and then eliminating the hair regrowth products for men that don’t have essential ingredients in their formula. It’s best to start gradually since hair loss is a gradual process due to the hair growing cycle. Regrowing hair is a long term commitment so gradually adding essential ingredients that will stimulate hair growth makes economic sense and produces long term results.

One of the most effective hair regrowth products for men is Procerin. Procerin blocks DHT production, which is the main hormone villain in the hair loss process. Procerin block DHT without changing testosterone levels. Procerin use is side effect free, and it’s available without a prescription. Men between the ages of 18 and 35 begin to see results in a few weeks when Procerin is used daily.

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