Hair Growth Product

How to Choose Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products are abundant on the market yet few people understand how they work. Understanding how hair growth products work is important in choosing the right products for your hair loss. Many factors can influence hair loss including stress, poor diet and heredity. Another important factor that has been found to cause male balding is excess DHT. DHT is a male hormone that is typically present in small amounts. When too much DHT is produced it can cause the hair growth pattern to be interrupted leading to hair loss. Hair loss products that are most effective combine ingredients that address several of these factors.

Hair loss due to DHT overproduction is the most common type of hair loss. For this reason it is important that you choose hair growth products that contain substances that inhibit DHT in the body. Correcting the hormonal imbalance will help the body to return to normal hair growth cycles and reduce hair loss.

Natural hair growth products are usually the best. They don’t require a prescription and are safe and effective. Natural hair growth products don’t have harmful side effects that some prescription medications can have. Since hair growth products are taken daily it is important that they be natural and safe. It can take hair growth products a month or more to work so you will need to make the product part of your daily regime.

Some vitamins, minerals and other natural substances are known to help the body grow hair. Without these essentials the body may have a hard time growing or re-growing hair. Some of these vitamins are usually part of hair growth products. They may include a combination of several key amino acids, B vitamins, biotin, vitamin E and zinc. These help to provide healthy, shiny hair from the inside out. Most people’s daily diets don’t contain enough of these vital components to re-grow hair.

When choosing hair growth products consider using them as soon as you begin to notice hair loss. Typical normal hair loss is about 100 strands of hair per day. If you notice excessive amounts you may be experiencing the start of thinning hair or balding. The best time to start using hair growth products is while you still have hair. Hair growth products work best to help keep the hair you have while stimulating hair to grow through the regular hair growth cycle. It is always easier to reduce hair loss than it is to grow new hair.

Choose natural hair growth products that are proven to be effective. Visit the website to find out more about the hair growth products before you start to use them. One of the best natural hair growth products available is called Procerin. Procerin is an all-natural product that combines a topical product with an internal daily product to give you the maximum hair growth potential. For more information about Procerin or to place an order visit the hair growth products website at