Best Hair Regrowth Product

Hair Regrowth Starts With Identifying The Cause

Recent reports claim that twenty-five percent of men between the ages of 18 and 29 experience androgenetic alopecia, which is commonly called male pattern baldness.

Hair researchers now know that certain genes are preprogrammed and create male pattern baldness when certain hormone production increases. The pharmaceutical industry promotes a certain formula as the best hair regrowth product, but not everyone responds to that formula.

An increase in hormone production can occur at any time. Hormones are the chemical messengers that the brain sends through the body. They produce emotional reactions as well as internal changes. Hormones are affected by different enzymes in the body. Enzymes change the chemical structure of hormones, and that interaction can change body functions. Excessive hair loss is the result of that interaction.

Some researchers claim that the best hair regrowth product is Rogaine because it contains Minoxidil, which relaxes veins and arteries so more blood and oxygen can flow in and out of the heart. An increase in blood and oxygen to hair follicles can stimulate hair growth if the follicles are in the dormant stage of the hair cycle.

Other researchers say that the best hair regrowth product should contain all natural ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin B-6, zinc sulfate, magnesium, and herbs like saw palmetto and ginkgo Biloba. The truth is hair regrowth is a personal accomplishment that can be stimulated by certain catalysts, but the best hair regrowth product is the product that works in tandem with hormone secretion.

Hair Has Gone Through A Evolutionary Process

In order to understand hair loss and hair regrowth it’s important to understand why humans have hair in the first place. Humans have been shedding hair and producing less of it for thousands of years, so hair loss is a natural step in the evolution process.

The exact reason why humans are producing less hair is still debated by scientists around the world. Some scientists believe that humans are producing less hair because of sexual selection, which involves hormone secretion. Some people say the best hair regrowth product should contain ingredients that can interact with sexual hormone secretion.

The best hair regrowth product that fits the criteria for blocking the main hormone culprit in hair loss is Procerin. Procerin is formulated to block DHT, which a by-product of testosterone. DHT can change follicle activity, and that produces excessive hair loss in certain areas around the head.

The head and body are completely covered in hair follicles and many of them remain dormant for years. Procerin is a natural formula that blocks DHT so hair follicles can return to the healthy hair growth cycle. There are no side effects, and Procerin is available without a prescription. For more information about Procerin and hair loss visit: